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The Maiden Voyage of Bravo!

Sunday morning…
Lady KAE arrives. She is a Nordhavn 62 and is owned and operated by Kal, Anita, and their daughter Eileen Blumberg. James Knight and Jay Flaherty, from Yacht Tech were on board and James hops off Lady KAE and joins us on board Bravo, while Jay stays on Lady KAE. We do a quick check of boat systems, and we take off. Finally… we are underway!

North to Virginia
Originally, we planned to run offshore; Hilton Head Island, SC directly to Newport, RI. However, the weather did not cooperate, so we went to Plan B to be more comfortable. The two boats hopped up the coast in day trips and overnight runs...

We do an offshore overnight run from Hilton Head, SC and we then anchor at Lookout Bight, NC.

From Lookout Bight we

Getting Ready to Cruise!


Taking the Long Way to Bravo - Netherlands

From Dublin, Ireland we land in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Chet texts us the name of the town where they have the barge docked. We head to the train office and buy the tickets to Steenwijk. Amazingly, the train station is directly below the airport, just an escalator ride down to the platform. In two hours, we are in a beautiful small Dutch town in the northern province of Friesland. Chet and Lynette meet us at the train station, and we walk on cobblestone streets past shops, and lovely brick homes to the canal where the barge is docked.

We drop off our luggage and walk a few blocks back to the grocery store to provision the boat. Loaded up with fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese, cold cuts, croissants, baguettes, and wine, we are ready to shove off.

Chet is captain and maneuvers the the 70 foot, 60 ton barge through small and large canals, and locks.

We spend the next 5 days leisurely wandering through the canals, locks, and small towns of northern Netherlands. Lush green fields filled wi…