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Here we go again!

There’s adventure out there ! And, we're ready to find it …again!  Two years ago, we moved on-board our dream boat, a Nordhavn 55 we named Bravo. We cruised the east coast from Florida to Maine and back to Florida.  Our many adventures were logged in our previous blog .  Unfortunately, a little over one year ago we decided to put our cruising plan on hold.     Previous boat - Nordhavn 55, "Bravo" Life happens. We sold the boat in January 2018, came back to Bellingham, Washington, bought another house, and tried to settle into life on dry land. After nine months, we had enough. All we could think of was getting back on a boat. So, we put the house on the market, and spent our free time perusing boats for sale.   Friends and family thought we were either totally crazy, or on top of the world. Our son said, “What will I tell my friends? You are stressing me out!”. The house sold in February 2019 and we began a serious