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Island Time Coming to an End

Thompson Bay, Long Island After a few weeks in Georgetown we decide to make a side trip and explore Thompson Bay on Long Island, n ot to be confused with New York's Long Island.  N57 Worknot and N68 Floating Stones also are making the 3-4 hour trip.  Long Island is further south and east of Georgetown; more remote with fewer boats in the anchorage. Even the storm clouds are spectacular in the Bahamas! Land Ho! Bahamas plays a big role in the arrival of Europeans in the Americas. Christopher Columbus made his first landfall on the easternmost Bahamas’ island of San Salvador October 12, 1492. A few days later he reached Long Island’s Cape Santa Maria. A monument on the northern tip of Long Island commemorates Columbus’ landing. Teaming up with Bryan and Cheryl from N68 Floating Stones, we rent a car to visit this memorial and tour Long Island. The memorial's setting is spectacular with white cliffs, turquoise inlets, deep blue seas, and breaking waves. Not a ver