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More Bahamas

Swimming Pigs!! One of our next stops is the anchorage known as “Pig Bay”.  It is adjacent to Big Major Cay and Staniel Cay. We grab a bag of veggies, hop in the dinghy, and head for the beach. As soon as we approach the beach, the “greeting party” wades and swims towards your boat… large ones, small ones, striped and polka-dotted pigs. All of them hankering for a snack! A friendly greeting as we arrive to the beach. We start to attract a crowd. Much to our surprise, some of these rascals are much bigger than anticipated! Good bye little piggy! This herd of pigs hangs out on the beach and waits for cruisers to feed them. It’s become a tourist destination, but there were only a handful of people there when we stopped by. Staniel Cay We leave the pigs to relax in the sun, dinghy to Staniel Cay and wander around the neighborhood. Very low key and funky. Tiny cottages cling to the rocky shore and the water is unbelievably crystal clear. Letting us know