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Maryland to North Carolina

Anchorage Hopping to the South Since we have reservations for the month of October at Homer Smith Marina in North Carolina, we pull anchor from Saint Michaels, Maryland and continue south. We have a series of anchorages and brief marina stops planned to get us to North Carolina around October 3 rd . So, here we go…. Pawtuxet River, Solomons, Maryland Relaxing and enjoying the sunset after a long day. What a way to end the day! Cheers! Norfolk, Virginia Past the busy Naval shipyards and anchor at Hospital Point. Downtown Norfolk is across the river. Behind us, further into the anchorage, is a sad sunken boat. The Navy has a wide variety of ships here. Some are rather odd? About half of of the ships are ready to go, and the rest are being worked on. These cranes are incredibly huge. There are so many cranes in some of the waterfront areas. Our anchorage is facing a museum in downtown Norfolk. Remains of a sunken boa

Kentucky??? - Part 1

Side trip - Kentucky While the boats (Bravo and Worknot) are secure in Port Washington, Karl and Gale rent a car and drive to Louisville, Kentucky to help a friend, Dennis Fox, inspect a boat he is considering buying.  Kentucky is someplace Karl has never been, so as a side opportunity to the boat inspection, it's always fun to explore and learn about new areas. Just outside of Louisville there are a lot of well manicured horse farms that are for the training and breeding of race horses. Horses are a big thing out here, ...think Kentucky Derby! Most of the fences on the horse farms are black. They were originally painted with creosote. Interestingly, on horse farms, the fences have no hard corners, just curved. Gale's daughter, Bernet, lives just outside of Louisville and just had a baby, so of course this will be a visit as well. We get to see baby Oaklee, and a couple of her siblings' soccer games as a bonus! Brings back memories. Grandpa