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We Exit the Bahamas

Highbourne Cay As the middle of March approaches, we planned to visit numerous islands in the Exumas that we missed on our cruise south in January. However, due to uncertainty with the Covid-19 our   cruising plan has changed to move more quickly north, circle the Abacos, and position the boats at the northwest corner of the Bahamas for a Gulf Stream crossing westward to Florida or Georgia. This somewhat circuitous route also has another advantage. It steers us clear of Nassau and Bimini, current location of the only corona cases in the Bahamas. To begin this island hopping trip, we make a short run from Cambridge Cay to Highbourne Cay. After a brief one night stop, we exit the Exumas on an early morning offshore cruise to Rock Sound, Eleuthera. What a bizarre low cloud formation. Rock Sound Rock Sound is on the southwest corner of Eleuthera, one of the larger islands in the north eastern Bahamas. It is a large shallow bay that we enter carefully at high tide. We anch