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South, south, south Keeping one eye on the weather reports and hurricane Dorian, we plan to be in Boston when the storm is projected to pass through New England. Nora plots the courses into the boat’s navigational system. We are ready to roll. Nora typically plots the next day's course, the night before our departure. We make a brief, one night stop in Kittery, ME and head to Gloucester, MA. What a surprise. It is schooner weekend and we are greeted at the harbor entrance by 20+ vintage schooners in a race. The camera (or I) really couldn't capture all of the schooners. A sample of one of the participants. We anchor for a brief two-night stay before we continue on to Boston. Dinghy into town for shopping, sightseeing, and a peek at our favorite “dock rock”. This rock is centered right in the middle of a slip! And at high tide, the rock completely covered with water! There had to be boaters that bumped into the rock, thinking it was an empt