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Summer in Maine

Summer in Maine This is the earliest we have arrived in Maine. With strict quarantine procedures in place, there are fewer boats than previous years and we enjoy wide open anchorages all to ourselves. Bravo is way out there straight ahead, all alone against the shoreline. Southwest Harbor and Hinckley Yacht Services This will be our “home base” for mail, laundry, fuel, and provisioning. When we are on their mooring buoy, we also have a front row seat for many maritime activities… barges, coast guard patrols, sailing classes, etc. This was bizarre and a little scary looking for sure.       I finally saw the owner on board the boat, so I cautiously asked him if there was a story that went with the heads?      He matter of factly replied it was to keep the birds off of his boat. As if all boats had mannequin heads!? The youth sailing classes took place almost every day, and sometimes they used Bravo as part of the course. Karl driving our tender, which was our water Uber for getting aroun