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Nordhavn Rendezvous

Nordhavn Rendezvous 2018  aka NAPS (Nordhavns Around Puget Sound)       Last June, a small group of Nordhavns and owners gathered informally at Port Ludlow for a weekend of potlucks, dock walks, boat tours, and general comradery. The main instigators for this escapade were Kevin and Alison on “Red Rover” and a fabulous time was had by all. Port Ludlow was a great setting for the first NAPS! We were lucky to attend as guests of Dennis and Julie Fox aboard their Willard Trawler, “Julie K”.  Dennis and Julie are long time serial Nordhavn owners, their most recent one being a Nordhavn 76, “Sea Fox”.  In 2004, they were participants in the Nordhavn Atlantic Rally where a group of Nordhavns crossed the Atlantic, and they have spent numerous seasons cruising the Mediterranean, Mexico, and US east and west coasts. Dennis was a tremendous help in finding our first Nordhavn, and throughout our first year of east coast live-aboard cruising. This wonderful weekend