Here we go again!

There’s adventure out there!
And, we're ready to find it …again!  Two years ago, we moved on-board our dream boat, a Nordhavn 55 we named Bravo. We cruised the east coast from Florida to Maine and back to Florida. 
Our many adventures were logged in our previous blog Unfortunately, a little over one year ago we decided to put our cruising plan on hold. 
Previous boat - Nordhavn 55, "Bravo"

Life happens. We sold the boat in January 2018, came back to Bellingham, Washington, bought another house, and tried to settle into life on dry land. After nine months, we had enough. All we could think of was getting back on a boat. So, we put the house on the market, and spent our free time perusing boats for sale.
Friends and family thought we were either totally crazy, or on top of the world. Our son said, “What will I tell my friends? You are stressing me out!”.

The house sold in February 2019 and we began a serious hunt for another boat. The search took us to Seattle, Washington; Dana Point, California; La Paz, Mexico; Sydney, British Columbia; and finally back to the east coast. We found our beautiful boat in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. She is a 2016 Nordhavn 63; specifically, N6309 (the 09 indicates it was the 9th boat made for this model).

Our first view of our new boat in Hilton Head Island, SC

We spent a couple of days looking at all the nooks and crannies.

James Knight in action

Nora tested out the dinghy too.

Getting ready to hoist the dinghy back on deck

We were thrilled to find this boat. Thanks to our friend and faithful broker, James Knight, we closed on the sale on April 30 and plan to be on board by early June. Since we are picking up where we left off, her name will be the same as the previous Nordhavn 55, “Bravo”. The fine staff at Signs by Tomorrow in Bellingham came up with a beautiful design for the name on the transom.
We will install it when we get back to the boat on Hilton Head Island in June. In the meantime, there is a lot of work to be done.
Since this is the third-time we will be full-time live-aboards, we are starting to get into a routine… sell house, sell cars, and sell as much furniture as possible. Reduce the possessions that must be stored; and choose carefully the items you need to take with you.

Still way, way, too much stuff!

We made arrangements for a pod which will be loaded in Bellingham and shipped by mid-May, with delivery to Hilton Head Island around June 1st. Then we unload the pod, find a place for everything and prepare to head north before June 10th.

More blogs to come!  


  1. I'll keep an eye out for your next house... enjoy life on the Seas!

    1. This time our plan is to bring the boat back to the NW!

  2. Great reading of your adventures. The Netherlands trip reminded me of my time teaching in Belgium. We took a bunch of kids on a boat for several days on the Zieder Zee?sp....the pics reminded me of that trip. One thing I remember was how the Dutch do not use curtains on their windows and you could see right into and through their homes. Looks like a really fun trip. Hope you are enjoying your new boat. See you at the wedding. Moe


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