Up the Chesapeake Bay
Leaving AYB at 5:30am we get through the Great Bridge Locks on the ICW at their first opening of the day at 6:00am. We then head north to Annapolis cruising past the enormous Norfolk Naval shipyards.

Approaching the Great Bridge Lock in Chesapeake.

Getting ready to lock through the locks. Piece of cake!

Look at that! Nora is always so safety conscious.

Norfolk, VA - The Navy Yards
Miles and miles of Navy ships, of all sizes and shapes.

Approaching the Norfolk Navy shipyards.

Continuing on
Cruising non-stop, Lady KAE veers off at the Solomons, Maryland, and we continue on and arrive in Annapolis at 2:00 am the following morning. After 3 hours of sleep we pull anchor and drop off James at the US Naval Academy dock so he can catch his early morning return flight to Florida.

We turn away from the dock and continue northeast up Chesapeake Bay.

Approaching the William Preston Lane Jr Memorial Bridge.

The view from the underside.

At the top of the Chesapeake Bay we go through the Chesapeake-Delaware Canal to Reedy Island and anchor in the Delaware River next to “Worknot”, a beautiful 57' Nordhavn, with Gale and Mary Plummer on board.  

The Chesapeake-Delaware Canal.

That's us, exiting the canal and nearing the approach to the Delaware River.

There's Worknot anchored off of Reedy Island, waiting for us to join them.

Bravo finally joins Worknot behind Reedy Island.

We previously met Gale and Mary on our 55' Nordhavn in 2017 in Florida during the survey of the boat, and later while cruising in Maine.

Gale and Mary with their wonder-dog Keela!

The Reedy Island anchorage is a little spooky being anchored in view of a nuclear power plant right across the Delaware River from us.

Our view of the power plant from Reedy Island.

Moving on
The next few days are almost constant cruising. From Reedy Island, we go down the Delaware River to Cape May, NJ where we spent a fairly rocky night at anchor outside the entrance to the Cape May Canal. This was pretty much an unprotected anchorage, open to the whims of the ocean. 

The next day we go east through the Cape May canal and north to Atlantic City, NJ. The dockage in Atlantic City is a tad bit on the tight side, where you have to make a couple of very tight turns, and then they want you to back into your assigned slip. Ugh! ...But good practice! We don't gamble, so in Atlantic City we had a great Uber driver who took us to his favorite food market, and he waited for us while we bought way more groceries than we should have. Then back to the boat, to unpack.

This fancy lighthouse on the Delaware looked very Victorian.

Cruising Time!

We stayed at the dock in the heart of Atlantic City.

On the Move
Up early again, we leave Atlantic City and cruise north and anchor in the fog in front of the Sandy Hook Coast Guard Station.

We leave Atlantic City.

Worknot out in front

...Up next, The Big Apple (New York)


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